What friends truly are

Friends aren’t always there for you
Even when you may are facing the hardest part of your life – at the time – or you may are crying out loud and depressed
The time you experience it, your friends may do experience the same thing
So who will cheer and be cheered?

Friends aren’t always have nothing to hide
True friends listen to what we want to tell and won’t force us to say what we don’t want to
Friends have their own secrets
True friends don’t mean they have no secrets between them
One to another will be honest to each other
While the other would be not the right person to tell something to

A good quotes
“True friends are them who will always be there for you”
is just good words
Reality is the real world

Who said Friends can’t talk bad about you?
It just a matter of them who can said it honestly to you or them who just talk bad behind you
And them who said it to make you a better person or them who said it to make you worse

One thing that I knew..
I may have a good time without even realizing my problems -at the time- when I spend it with.. friends
No, no one looking for friends without any intention..
You just need them
To have a good time

True friends will be there with you to have a good time and never leave you in the hardest time
They won’t always be there for you
They won’t always be sad for you when you are
They can laugh while you’re crying -alone
But they will always support you, yet keep you in the right track

Friends are human
They have their family, dreams, and life
They also have friends other than you
Friends can make you be a better person or make you be a bad person

What friends truly are..
Who your true friends are..
Depends on your own perspective

Don’t ask your friends for more than what they do to you
That’s how much you mean to them
That’s how much you deserved
Just do what your heart think they deserved as your friends, while keep yourself away from expecting them to do more or even to do the same

In the end..
It just you who can face all your own problems
It just you who can convince yourself
It just you who can comfort yourself
It just you who can be true to yourself
It just you who know yourself the best
And it just truly you whom you can depends on