Hi, past.

Hi momentary happiness.

Thank you for being there. This may be stupid and outrageous or maybe this is too much. Maybe a lil bit drama, but this is what I feel.

Hi and goodbye.

Maybe I haven’t completely forgotten what and who had once been there. And all the disappointment I’ve ever felt, but hey “life must go on”, right? It was the sentences that I often hear, I often see. It’s true. life will not stop when you’re happy or sad. So there’s always a question in my brain,

What should I do? What must I do?

So, some statements appears in my head as well at this time.

Believe and be happy.
The past isn’t a bad story. It’s not a bad mistake. It’s just red ink on each sheet of your papers to be a reminder, which you can look at anytime. Not to repeat the same thing. Each person has their own faults and ways of happiness. You don’t have to seek for it. Just be like it.

Be thankful.
Look what you have around. Look who makes you laugh. Look for the ones who has bigger problems than yours. Look what you’ve been through and look at you right now. You still good, right?

Clear your mind.
You can’t please everyone. You only have one mouth and won’t work against dozens of mouth out there. You only have a pair of ears, won’t be able to take all the “opinions” of all people. Just, don’t overthink of everything.

Hi past.

I’m not going to lock you forever. I’ll just give the title in your chapter as “memories”. And each chapter will form a book, isn’t it? I’ll keep flipping every page to see red inks that I’ve ever made. I’ll just smiled, “Hi past, thank you for being my memories”

May 16, 2017

3:02 AM