What is good, what is bad? (World’s biggest problem nowadays)

You grew up expected to be a good person
You grew up with love
You grew up taught to be affectionate
You grew up with a hope
to increase the amount of good people in this world
Not to be such grandiloquent dream,
just increase the amount of good people in our very own country.

You do your best
You prevent yourself from hating people
You do your best
You care about your fellow
You do your best
Become a better person, become a good person

One day you’re being insulted because of being a good person
One day you’re threatened to be killed
because you stand up for justice
Even the way you were born become a mistake

And because of all the people did to you..
You began to ask yourself
Are you a good person?  Is what you do is right?
Are you wrong by loving peoples?
Are you in the right path?
Are you believe in a right belief?

Shall you be a bad person to be right?
Shall you hate your fellow to be a good person?
Shall you kill your brothers and sisters to be appreciated?
Shall you make people suffer to be accepted
by your brothers and sisters?

Let me ask..
Is there any God who teach his children to hate?
Is there any God who tell his children to discriminate?
If yes, then who are his children, who aren’t?
who have to be discriminated?

Well, this is how your world is going on now
Share love to be insulted
Care to be insulted
Be affectionate to be insulted
Even people were born because of love,
but why do they spread hate?

Hate to be worshiped
Be violent to be followed
Did you happy by doing it? Be honest..
Is it that fun to molest your brothers and sisters?

Which one is bad?
Love or Hate?
And If you think love is bad, and hate is good,
Do you really believe in your belief?
What’s your belief?

Is there God in what you belief?
Because as far as I knew,
as far as what I understand,
as far as I was taught,
and as far as I believe..
God never teach me to hate
and God is a symbol of love.

Then in the name of your belief,
And in the name of your ego,
You bring his name, the Almighty, to hate your fellow

“You shall not misuse the name of
the Lord your God, for the Lord
will not hold anyone guiltless
who misuses his name.” – Exodus 20:7

Even if mostly of peoples may believe that love is bad,
or even act it out..
I am here, still hoping for the best for all of you.
I am here, still hoping you will be loved.
I am here, still hoping that world,
one day, can be really full of love and peace.
Because I do believe.. in you, my brothers..
in you, my sisters.. and in God who lives in our heart..

I am sorry that I may express my hate to you sometimes,
I am sorry that I may disappointed to you sometimes..
But then God always remind me one thing..
That I shall also love you,
Because you’re still my brothers and sisters..